Finishing touches to your stone tiles

Finishing touches to your stone tiles

At Stonell, we do not just supply tiles. We can offer additional services for those tailor made design details that will add the important finishing touches to your project.

We can cut existing tiles into the dimensions you require and add the finishing bevelled edge, for example:- if you want rectangular tiles that are 305mmx150mm then we can cut them to size.

For traditional houses that require Georgian or Victorian style stone flooring with carbouchons then we can cut off corners of tiles and supply the insert tiles in a variety of colours and patterns.

Skirting boards in stone to match the floor complete the look and we can cut and finish the edges with bevels or curves, honed or polished to your specification. In addition, window surrounds can also be fashioned and we offer bullnosing for tiles that you intend to use on steps to finish the look.

Please ask for a quotation and check lead times with your nearest showroom as this service may extend your delivery time by 1-2 weeks depending on your requirements.