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The architectural sales division of Stonell is able to offer the professional stone specifier a seamless service in natural stone sourcing, fabrication and supply.

You can rely on our knowledgeable and objective advice in finding exactly the right stone to suit any project, large or small.

We boast an impressive portfolio of stones, many held in stock, which undergo meticulous monitoring to ensure uniformity, adherence to tolerance margins, consistant supply and strict conformity to industry standards.

Technical support includes escorted visits to factories, warehouses and quarries in the UK and abroad; M40 specification advice and writing service; method statements for maintenance, cleaning and impregnating and sealing natural stone flooring. Stones are randomly tested to European Standards by the independant Sandburg consulting including abraision resistance (BS EN 1341) and slip resistance testing (BS EN 14231). In recognition of the wide range of finishes available and the different results these may produce, we have invested in equipment and training to provide in house slip resistance testing at our Teddington office.

In short we offer a service you can rely on.

For details and sample requests contact our architectural sales team on 01372 860860.